Andrew K. Adams

Phone: 1-412-268-5142
E-mail: akadams@psc.edu
Office: 300 S. Craig St., Room 361, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

I'm a Senior Information Security Analyst within PSC’s Security Group, however, I'm presently funded through The Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure -- The NSF Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CTSC), supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant ACI-1547272. I hold M.S. degrees in both computer science and information science (U. Pittsburgh), and have 20+ years of experience in computer networking research as a previous member of PSC’s Networking Group, including operational responsibilities in the 3ROX GigaPoP. While in PSC’s Security Group, I designed and developed multiple security oriented systems, performed risk assessments and developed security policies. At present, my focus is in privacy and policy.


As a current member of CTSC, my skills in security policy and operations have been utilized in several CTSC engagements, including:

  • DataONE: Initiating a review of their cyberinfrastructure
  • OSCRP: Developed a risk profile for open science (Blog Post, Initial Blog Post)
  • USAP: Provided an in-depth review of their cyberinfrastructure (Blog Post)
  • HubZERO: Developed a Master Information Security Policy and Procedures document and a Software Assurance and Testing Policy (Initial Blog Post)
  • IBEIS/Wildbook: Explored alternative identity management options (Blog Post)

Additionally, I'm an active member in both CTSC's Situational Awareness group and Information Security programs.


Recent Publications