Resources for Users

Advancing state of the art high-performance computing, communications and data analytics.

Resources for Users

PSC provides an integrated array of high performance computing and communications products and related services to our users, including supercomputing-class hardware, software, mass storage facilities, consulting, visualization services, and training. Information on all of these resources is available on the PSC web pages or by contacting PSC User Services.

How to apply for, administer, and renew allocations for computing services.
Computing Resources
PSC operates several supercomputing-class machines.
Popular software for many scientific disciplines are installed, including packages for computational chemistry, engineering, biomedical databases and sequence analysis, neural sciences and materials science.
PSC offers a variety of workshops, both at PSC and off-site, on subjects ranging from code optimization and parallel programming to specific scientific topics and the Biomedical Applications group conducts workshops on biomedical computing topics. In addition to workshops, PSC also hosts symposia on high performance computing topics. 
STEM Education
PSC's Resources for Educators programs promote the understanding of supercomputing and its application in today's leading-edge scientific research. Training, technical expertise and access to high-performance computing facilities are available to audiences as diverse as K-12 students and teachers, university-level scientists and corporate research communities.
Consulting Services
Our experienced team of user consultants stands ready to help you with technical problems.
Resources for Faculty : Local, Expert-Supported Access to the World’s Most Advanced Computing Infrastructure
PSC provides faculty and students in the Pittsburgh area with access to the most advanced, powerful, and robust collection of integrated advanced digital resources and services in the world.  PSC’s technical staff has years of experience in applications and systems software design and implementation, quantitative analysis, advanced consulting, and delivering high-quality training. PSC's staff is available to discuss faculty members' needs and to guide them to the best solution, drawing upon the resources of PSC and of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment of which PSC is a leading partner.   See more on the About PSC page.
Corporate Affiliates Program
The PSC Corporate Affiliates Program provides its industrial partners the expertise and resources to enhance and support their corporate technical computing capabilities and to exploit high performance computing technologies. With over twenty years experience in both operating an integrated high performance computing facility and in developing applications of this technology to solve critical research, engineering, and business problems, PSC can put this expertise as well as the high performance computing and communications facilities themselves to work for you. With the wide array of products and services offered, our programs are customized to meet the particular needs of our partners.

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