Request a Virtual Machine


To request a VM on Bridges, please complete this form.   We will contact you within one business day once we receive your request.


Once your VM has been established, it is reserved for your use for the period you request. Note that Service Units (SU) will accrue for the entire time your VM is reserved, whether you are actively using it or not.

SUs accrue at the rate of 1 SU per core-hour. For example, requesting a VM with one core for one week will result in 168 SUs being deducted from your allocation; a one core VM reserved for one year will result in 8760 SUs deducted from your allocation.  

Likewise, a VM with 2 cores accrues 336 SUs per week and 17,520 SUs per year.

Questions:  Contact with any questions.

Please list:
  • What type of data will be used: a database? large files? etc.
  • Estimated space required for each type
  • Estimated space requirements for installed software
Note that charges are 1 SU for each core-hour. See "Charging" above for a fuller explanation.
Note that charges are 1 SU for each core-hour. See "Charging" above for a fuller explanation.
Let us know if your VM requires an open network port, e.g, if it is a web server.
Be sure to describe any special requests, for example, a specific Apache configuration.

Submit a separate request for each unique VM configuration.

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Bridges maintenance announced

  Bridges and all associated VMs and file systems will undergo scheduled maintenance from 8:00AM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 through 5:00PM Thursday, October 24. 

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