Bridges User Guide


Data Collections

Bridges hosts both public and private datasets, providing rapid access for individuals, collaborations and communities with appropriate protections.

Data collections are stored on pylon2, Bridges' persistent file system.  The space they use counts toward the Bridges storage allocation for the grant hosting them.

If you would like to store a large data collection on Bridges, submit the Community Dataset Request form.  


Publicly available datasets

Some data collections are available to anyone with a Bridges' account.  They include:

Natural Languge Tool Kit Data

NLTK comes with many corpora, toy grammars, trained models, etc. A complete list of the available data is posted at:

Available on Bridges at /pylon2/datasets/community/nltk

New on Bridges

GPUs to be allocated separately
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Upgraded scratch file system installed
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Omni-Path User Group

The Intel Omni-Path Architecture User Group is open to all interested users of Intel's Omni-Path technology.

More information on OPUG