Project Title: Data Analysis and Web Portal Development



Alex Ropelewski, Director, Biomedical Applications Group
Derek Simmel, Senior Information Security Officer
Luke Tuite, Web Developer


The intern in this position will assist in the development of  web front-end data handling and back-end database, directories, and repositories for data from the Brain Image Library web portals. The team will develop a validation system for data received, develop landing pages for data queries, and develop APIs among other tasks. Technologies used include: Python Django Web Framework, Flask and RESTful APIs and database backends using Postgres and MongoBD.  Examples of additional job tasks include: updating and developing database schema, user error handling, managing data landing zones and filesystems, and documentation.


The Brain Image Library is a unique public resource enabling researchers to deposit, mine, share, and interact with microscopy datasets. The library is one of five NIH-designated repositories to receive BRAIN initiative data and currently contains more than 1100 contributed datasets.


Software development and data handling. 

Desired Results

  • Landing pages for data queries
  • Improved validation system for processing user-contributed metadata and data.
  • Improved web backend database communication and schema structure

Desired Major/Qualifications

Information Science, Computer Science or other related fields with the necessary skillsets for the required task. Some understanding of web portal communication is preferred.



The student in this position will receive an hourly wage.


To apply, send a cover letter and resume to Vivian Benton,
The deadline to apply is March 31, 2020.