Year in Review

Foreword from the Directors

Creating National Cyberinfrastructure
Blacklight Gets to Work,

Supercomputing in PA
With Commonwealth of Pennsylvania support,
PSC provides education, consulting,
advanced network access and computational
resources to scientists and engineers across the state.

The Super Computing Science Consortium
Pennsylvania - West Virginia partners in the development
of clean power technologies.

Education, Outreach & Training
Energizing Science Learning

Research Notes & Highlights
The year in review at PSC's Advanced Networking group and
PSC's National Resource
for Biomedical Supercomuting (NRBSC).

Science Articles

Structure of Proteins & Nucleic Acids

Article: Protein Research Leaps Forward
Four Projects in Molecular Dynamics Simulation with a Special-Purpose System
Martin Gruebele, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign;
Emad Tajkhorshid, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign;
David Corey, Rachelle Gaudet, Marcos Sotomayor & Wilhelm Wiehofen, Harvard University;
Andrew McCammon, César de Oliveira, Barry Grant & Riccardo Baron, University of California, San Diego

Understanding the Brain

Article: Nanomappers of the Mind
Network Anatomy and In Vivo Physiology of Visual Cortical Nuerons
Clay Reid, Davi Bock & Wei-Chung Lee, Harvard University
Art Wetzel & Greg Hood, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Protein & Nucleic Acid Sequence Analysis

Article: Putting Genes Together Really Fast
Two Projects in Sequence-Data Assembly from Next-Generation Sequencers
James Vincent, University of Vermont; Cecilia Lo, University of Pittsburgh

Natural Language Processing

Article: Mining the Word Hoard
Probabilistic Models for Recovering Latent Structure in Natural Language
Noah Smith, Carnegie Mellon University

Quantum Chemistry

Article: No Charge Double Helix
Structure of a Modified Peptide Nucleic Acid Duplex
Catalina Achim, Carnegie Mellon University
Marcela Madrid, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Evolution & Structure of the Universe

Article: Supermassive Growth Spurt
Cold Gas Flows and the First Quasars
Tiziana Di Matteo & Rupert Croft, Carnegie Mellon University

In Progress