Year in Review

Foreword from the Directors

Creating Cyberinfrastructure: PSC & TeraGrid
A New Specialized System for Biomolecular Research,
PSC and the TeraGrid

Supercomputing in PA
With Commonwealth of Pennsylvania support,
PSC provides education, consulting,
advanced network access and computational
resources to scientists and engineers across the state.

The Super Computing Science Consortium
Pennsylvania - West Virginia partners in the development
of clean-power technologies.

Education, Outreach & Training
Energizing Science Learning

Research Notes & Highlights
The year in review at PSC's National Resource
for Biomedical Supercomuting (NRBSC) and
PSC's Advanced Networking group.

Science Articles


Article: Wiring Diagram of the Brain
Assembling Image Sets from High-Throughput Electron Microscopy
of Calcium-Imaged Neurons in the Mouse Visual Cortex
Davi Bock, Wei-Chung Lee & Clay Reid, Harvard University,
Greg Hood & Arthur W. Wetzel, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Structure of Proteins & Nucleic Acids

Article: How to Knockout Hepatitis C
Inhibitor Induced Structural Change in the HCV IRES Domain IIa RNA
Thomas Cheatham, Darrell Davis & colleagues, University of Utah

Ocean Modeling

Article: Deep Water Blues
Pathways of Nordic Overflows from Climate Model Scale Simulations
Zulema Garraffo, Yeon Chang, Hartmut Peters & Tamay Özgökmen, University of Miami

Economics & Social Policy

Article: Wakeup Call for Public Data
Predicting Social Security Numbers from Public Data
Alessandro Acquisti & Ralph Gross, Carnegie Mellon University

Quantum Chemistry

Article: Chain, Chain, Chain
Collective Reactivity of Molecular Chains Self-Assembled on a Surface
Peter Maksymovych, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Dan Sorescu, National Energy Technology Laboratory;
Ken Jordan, University of Pittsburgh; John Yates, University of Virginia

Quantum Physics

Article: Excited States of the Strong Force
Excited State Nucleon Spectrum with Two Flavors of Dynamical Fermions
Colin Morningstar & colleagues, Carnegie Mellon University

In Progress