Year in Review

Foreword from the Directors

Creating National Cyberinfrastructure:
Big Ben & TeraGrid.

Supercomputing in PA
With support from Pennsylvania, PSC provides education,
consulting, advanced network access and computational
resources to scientists and engineers.

The Super Computing Science Consortium
Pennsylvania - West Virginia partners in the development
of clean-power technologies.

Research Notes & Highlights
The year in review at PSC.

Science Articles

Weather Forecasting

Article: Ganging Up on Storms
The NOAA Hazardous Weather Testbed 2007 Spring Experiment
Ming Xue & Kelvin Droegemeier, University of Oklahoma, Norman
Steven Weiss, NOAA Storm Prediction Center

Technologies for Clean Power

Article: Clean Coal Alchemy
Computational Modeling for Commercial-Scale Coal Gasification
Chris Guenther, National Energy Techonology Laboratory

Structure of Proteins & DNA

Article: Bent 'Branes & Bar Domains
Simulation of BAR Domain-Induced Membrane Curvature
Gregory Voth, University of Utah; Philip Blood, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Article: Strange Action at the Active Site
Quantum Mechanical Simulations of Aldehyde Dehydrogenase
Troy Wymore & D.W. Deerfield II, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
John Hempel, University of Pittsburgh

Turbulence snd Convection

Article: Bursts of Stellar Turbulence
Simulation of Turbulent Stellar Convection Flows
Paul Woodward & David Porter, University of Minnesota

Evolution and Structure of the Universe

Article: Mystery of the Missing Galaxies
Early Gas Stripping as Origin of the Darkest Galaxies in the Universe
Lucio Mayer, University of Zurich
Stellios Kazantzidis, Stanford University

In Progress