Year in Review

Foreword from the Directors

Creating National Cyberinfrastructure:
Big Ben & TeraGrid.

Supercomputing in PA
With support from Pennsylvania, PSC provides education, consulting, advanced network access and computational resources to scientists and engineers.

The Super Computing Science Consortium
Pennsylvania - West Virginia partners in the development of clean-power technologies.

Research Notes & Highlights
The year in review at PSC.

Science Articles

Structure of Proteins & DNA

Article: Knock, Knock, Who's There?
Binding Dynamics of Isolated Nucleoporin Repeat Regions to Importin-β
Klaus Schulten & Timothy Isgro, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Article: Heavy Metal Invasion
Role of Zinc Content and the Catalytic Efficiency of B1 Metallo β-lactamases
Michael Klein & Matteo Dal Peraro, University of Pennsylvania

Mysteries of Magnetism

Article: Thanks for the Memory
Quantum Mechanical Simulation of Nanocomposite Magnets
Yang Wang, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Malcolm Stocks, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Evolution and Structure of the Universe

Article: Star Maker Machinery
Star Formation in Isolated Disk Galaxies
Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, the American Museum of Natural History

Article: Fixing the Holes
Cosmological Hydrodynamic Simulations of Black Hole Formation
Tiziana Di Matteo, Carnegie Mellon University

Economics & Social Policy

Article: The Real Deal
Efficient Parallel Solution of the Life-Cycle Model
John Rust, University of Maryland at College Park

In Progress