Cover of Projects in Scientific Computing, 2003

Year in Review

Foreword from the Directors

Creating National Cyberinfrastructure: Marvels Arrive, LeMieux Joins the Teragrid
The nation's most powerful systems on the world's fastest network

Notes and Highlights
The year in review at PSC.

Supercomputing in PA
With support from Pennsylvania, PSC provides education, consulting, advanced network access and computational resources to scientists and engineers.

The Super Computing Science Consortium
Pennsylvania - West Virginia partners in the development of clean-power technologies.

Science Articles


* Big City Shakedown
High-Resolution Forward and Inverse Earthquake Modeling
Jacobo Bielak, Omar Ghattas, David O‘Hallaron, Carnegie Mellon University

Guiding Light
Polarization-Independent Linear Waveguides in 3D Photonic Crystals
E. Lidorikis, M. L. Povinelli, S. G. Johnson, & J.D. Joannopoulos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Article: When DNA Flips Out
Protein-facilitated Base Flipping in DNA by Cytosine-5-Methyltransferase
Niu Huang, Nilesh K. Banavali & Alexander D. MacKerell, Jr., University of Maryland

Hearts Gone Wild
Suppression of Alternans Despite Steep Restitution
Flavio Fenton & Elizabeth Cherry. Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City


How to Cook a Giant Planet
Formation of Giant Planets by Fragmentation of Protoplanetary Disks
Thomas Quinn, University of Washington

Seeing Spots
Simulations of Near-Surface Solar Magnetoconvection
Juri Toomre, University of Colorado
Marc DeRosa, Neal Hurlburt, Stanford-Lockheed Institute for Space Research

In Progress