Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 

Advancing the state-of-the-art in high-performance computing,
communications and data analytics.

PSC's Resources for Educators extends to students and parents in the following programs:

CompEx - Computation Exploration is a high performance computing teaching module designed to be incorporated into existing curricula in high school computer science classrooms. This program teaches high school students the basics of parallel programming and guides them through the development of their own parallel programs.

CI JumpStart - Introduces computational science and high performance computing to high school and undergraduate students. Instructional materials and exercises are available on the CI JumpStart website.  Workshops can be held at the school, or at PSC.

Science Fairs – PSC and 3ROX encourage middle and high school students competing in their local of regional science fairs to consider projects that use computational thinking and tools. Resources and more information are available on the PSC science fair resource page.

Job Shadows – PSC and 3ROX provides opportunities for high school student to job shadow members of the PSC and 3ROX staff.  Given the broad expertise of the PSC staff, job shadows are available in the areas of Information Technology, Computational Science as well as Administrative and Financial Services.