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PSC and Epidemiology Research

PSC staff are an important part of two collaborations with scientists conducting epidemiological research at the University of Pittsburgh: the MIDAS National Center of Excellence and the Vaccine Modeling Initiative. Staff involvement includes not only providing computational support, but also developing HPC software and engaging in research with both groups.

MIDAS National Center of Excellence

MIDAS (Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study) is a collaborative network of research scientists who use statistical, computational, and mathematical models to understand infectious disease dynamics and assist the nation to prepare for, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats. MIDAS is funded by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, part of the NIH.

The MIDAS project includes the MIDAS Software Sharing and Information Outreach Network (MISSION). MISSION was created as a way to provide both MIDAS researchers and the public access to the important software products developed in MIDAS.

For more information on MIDAS and the MISSION project, see https://midas.psc.edu and https://mission.midas.psc.edu.

Vaccine Modeling Initiative

The Vaccine Modeling Initiative (VMI) is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and directed by Dr. Donald Burke, Dean of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.

The objective of the VMI is to improve decision-making in the selection of new vaccine products and epidemic control policies by developing and applying computational models and simulations of epidemic infectious diseases.

For more information about the VMI, see http://vaccinemodeling.org.