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The Data Supercell will be down for scheduled maintenance on October 22, 2014 from 8:30am until noon, Eastern time.

When the Data Supercell is down the PSC gridftp servers are also down. 

SLASH2 Download Now Available

PSC is pleased to announce that SLASH2, PSC's open source, wide area network friendly distributed file system is now publicly available.

By featuring multi-residency at the file level, system-managed data transfer, inline checksum verification and more, SLASH2 removes the burdens of large data set management from users and administrators. You no longer have to worry about

  • replicating data to provide local access
  • maintaining multiple copies of valuable data
  • learning multiple interfaces for emerging technologies such as cloud storage
  • managing data distribution and replication to ensure that data is consistent and coherent among users in collaborative research environments
  • overseeing the migration of data sets across storage resources, while adhering to network policies and certifying data integrity

File storage in the Data Supercell, PSC's reliable, high capacity, secure data storage solution, is managed by SLASH2.

SLASH2 is temporarily being released under an academic-only use license due to intellectual property considerations. In the near future, it will be released under the GPL 2.0.

To read more about SLASH2 or to download the source code, see the SLASH2 site.

Sherlock will be down Tuesday and Wednesday, October 21 and 22, for system maintenance. The downtime is for all 24 hours of each day.