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CIREN to the Rescue

Blacklight simulations give new insight to crash injuries, better prevention

Why it’s important: Over 33,000 Americans die in motor vehicle crashes annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Modern restraint systems have decreased deaths but some deaths and injuries remain – and restraints themselves can cause some injuries. “Crash-test dummies” can help engineers design safer cars, but provide only limited information about the forces experienced by the body in an impact. Improved computer models of vehicle crashes could predict how restraints and other safety systems could work better. They could also help researchers to duplicate the effects of thousands of changes that would be far too slow to test in physical crash tests.

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People. Science. Collaboration.

People. Science. Collaboration. is a biannual summary of the research, education and workforce development projects being conducted and supported by PSC programs, staff and computational resources. Produced in the fall and spring, People. Science. Collaboration. highlights the center’s accomplishments over the previous six months in addressing questions of broad social impact, such as:

  • Understanding how life processes in health and disease work by simulating protein movements

  • Modeling disease spread and the distribution of treatments to better respond to epidemics

  • Improving computer networking to make exchange of information more rapid and reliable

  • Managing today’s vast datasets and extracting information valuable to health care, industry and individuals


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Understanding Choice

Researchers Use Blacklight to Make Sense of Thousands of Decision-Making Theories

Why It's Important: Understanding how human beings make decisions is critical in fields like cybersecurity, public health, elections and governance, and economics. How often do people make rational choices, weighing all the options? How often do they use mental shortcuts, short-circuiting good choices?

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