ANSYS is a general purpose finite element modeling package for numerically solving a wide variety of mechanical problems. These problems include: static/dynamic structural analysis (both linear and non-linear), heat transfer and fluid problems, as well as acoustic and electromagnetic problems.

ANSYS Multiphysics with Parallel Performance for ANSYS is installed on Blacklight.

ANSYS Multiphysics couples structural, thermal, CFD, acoustic and electromagnetic simulation capabilities. See the ANSYS website for additional information on ANSYS Multiphysics.


Access to ANSYS is restricted. 

Corporate users must negotiate licensing with ANSYS, Inc. and arrange for an allocation with PSC. Contact the PSC Corporate Relations office to discuss an allocation of time.

Academic users must have a valid PSC account and be at an institution which has a local ANSYS license.

  • If you don't have a valid PSC account, see the instructions for applying.
  • If you don't know whether or not your institution has a local ANSYS license, contact your departmental or campus computing services to find out.

When you meet these requirements, please complete this form to request access to ANSYS.



To run an ANSYS job, you must

  1. Create a job file containing commands which
    1. Set up up the module command
    2. Load the ANSYS module:
      module load ansys/14.0
    3. Run the ANSYS executable:
      ansys140 -b -m 10000 -db 2000 -mopt incore -np $PBS_NCPUS < bm-8.dat
      This is a sample ANSYS command. Which command you will use will depend on your scientific problem. To make a serial ANSYS run your input file would include reference to a serial solver and you would omit the -np option on your command.
  2. Submit the job file with the qsub command.
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See the ANSYS web site for more information.

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