System Configuration

Bridges comprises over 850 computational nodes, 

Bridges' computational nodes supply 1.3018 Pf/s and 274 TiB RAM.  The Bridges system also includes more than 6PB of node-local storage and 10PB of shared storage in the Pylon file system.

In addtion to its computational nodes, Bridges contains a number of login, database, web server and data transfer nodes.

RSM nodes

Number 752
CPUs 2 Intel Haswell (E5-2695 v3) CPUs; 14 cores/CPU; 2.3 - 3.3 GHz
RAM 128GB, DDR4-2133
Cache 35MB LLC
Node-local storage 2 HDDs, 4TB each
Server HPE Apollo 2000
Node names r001 - r752

LSM nodes

Number 8 34
CPUs 4 Intel Xeon E5-8860 v3 CPUs; 16 cores per CPU; 2.2 -3.2 GHz 4 Intel Xeon E7-8870 v4 CPUs; 20 cores/CPU; 2.1 -3.0 GHz
RAM 3TB, DDR4-2133 3TB, DDR4-2400
Cache 40MB LLC 50MB LLC
Node-local storage 4 HDDs, 4TB each 4 HDDs, 4TB each
Server HPE ProLiant DL580 HPE ProLiant DL580
Node names l001 - l008 l009 - l042

ESM nodes

Number 2 2
CPUs 16 Intel Xeon E7-8880 v3 CPUs; 18 cores/CPU; 2.3 - 3.1 GHz 16 Intel Xeon E7-8880 v4 CPUs; 22 cores/CPU; 2.2 - 3.3 GHz
RAM 12TB, DDR4-2133 12TB, DDR4-2400
Cache 45MB LLC 55MB LLC
Node-local storage 16 HDDs, 4TB each 16 HDDs, 4TB each
Server HPE Integrity Superdome X HPE Integrity Superdome X
Node names xl001 - xl002 xl003 - xl004

RSM-GPU nodes

Number 16 32
GPUs 2 NVIDIA Tesla K80 Kepler architecture 2 NVIDIA Tesla P100 Pascal architecture
GPU memory 12GB/GPU
48GB total/node 
32GB total/node 
CPUs 2 Intel Haswell (E5-2695 v3) CPUs; 14 cores/CPU; 2.3 - 3.3 GHz 2 Intel Broadwell E5-2683 v4 CPUs; 16 cores/CPU; 2.1 - 3.0 GHz
RAM 128GB, DDR4-2133 128GB, DDR4-2400
Cache 35MB LLC 40MB LLC
Node-local storage 2 HDDs, 4TB each 2 HDDs, 4TB each
Server HPE Apollo 2000 HPE Apollo 2000
Node names gpu001 - gpu 016 gpu017 - gpu048

AI-GPU nodes

 Volta 16 DGX-2 (Volta 32)
Number 9 1
GPUs 8 NVIDIA Volta V100 16 NVIDIA Volta V100
GPU memory 16GB/GPU
128GB total/node
512GB total
CPUs 2 Intel Xeon Gold 6148
20 cores/CPU (40 cores total)
2.4 - 3.7 GHz
2 Intel Xeon Platinum 8168
24 cores/CPU (48 cores total)
2.7 - 3.7 GHz
RAM 192 GB, DDR4-2666 1.5 TB, DDR4-2666
Cache   33MB
Node-local storage 4 NVMe SSDs, 2TB each (total 8TB) 8 NVMe SSDs, 8.84TB each (total ~30TB)
Server HPE Apollo 6500 -
Node names gpu049 - gpu057 gpu058


Database, web server, data transfer, login nodes

CPUs 2 Intel Xeon E5 series CPUs; 14 cores/CPU; 2.3 - 3.3 GHz
Cache 35MB LLC
Node-local storage Database nodes have additional SSDs or HDDs
Server HPE ProLiant DL360s or HPE ProLiant DL380s

Bridges maintenance announced

  Bridges and all associated VMs and file systems will undergo scheduled maintenance from 8:00AM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 through 5:00PM Thursday, October 24. 

New on Bridges

Compiler defaults changed

The default versions of some compilers have changed.
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Omni-Path User Group

The Intel Omni-Path Architecture User Group is open to all interested users of Intel's Omni-Path technology.

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