Filesystem on Bridges: quotas, what happens when a grant expires, common errors

You probably don't have a pylon allocation.

Access to pylon storage is not automatically given with allocations.  Typically this problem occurs when you have been added to an existing allocation.  The PI must specifically request that additional users being added to a grant also get a pylon allocation.

Ask your PI to double check that a pylon allocation was requested for you.

on May 17, 2019

Three months after your grant expires all of your Bridges files associated with that grant will be deleted, no matter which file space they are in. You will be able to login during this 3-month period to transfer files, but you will not be able to run jobs or create new files.

on May 17, 2019

Bridges and Bridges-AI Helping COVID-19 Research

Bridges and Bridges-AI offer exceptional capabilities for critical areas of research. Specific, unique strengths include AI, genomics, and collaborative workflows.

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