You spoke, we’re listening

We just finished reviewing the results of the XSEDE User Satisfaction survey, and we hear you loud and clear.  Thanks for the many compliments, and also for your suggestions about how we can improve. We’ll be changing our practices where necessary in line with your ideas to make your research run more smoothly and productively.

We are still looking into all the ways we can be better,  but we are committed to these improvements:

  • Documentation aimed at both helping less experienced users get started with high-performance computing and enabling experienced users to get their work done quickly and efficiently
  • Clear and specific information on job scheduling
  • Tools to enable you to see the status of your jobs
  • Easily accessible information about Blacklight’s operational status

We expect to come up with more ideas for improving your experience at PSC in the coming months, and we’ll let you know about those as we implement them.  Keep the suggestions and comments coming – you can contact us any time via our feedback form.


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