Welcome Nate!

We recently welcomed Nate Robinson to the PSC team as our newest, and coincidentally youngest, network engineer.  Nate comes from a small town in central Pennsylvania whose county boasts only one stoplight. Yes, that’s one in the entire county!  He left his small town to attend Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania  in the slightly larger town of Slippery Rock, PA .

While there, Nate was involved in campus life, including the Ultimate Frisbee and Computer Technology Clubs.  As a member of the Computer Technology Club, Nate discovered PSC by attending our annual Discover Open House. (And we caught him… check out the third photo from the left!) He made a particular connection with networking staffers Steve Cunningham and Shane Filus who explained the various research and networking projects going on here.   So when Nate started the hunt for his first job after college, he looked for an opening at PSC.

He has already embraced many new experiences living here in the big city, like trying Indian food for the first time. “I really can’t compare it to anything I’ve eaten because of how vastly different it tastes. It was scrumptious, but as far as a comparison goes, it just simply was. I’ll be ordering it for lunch in the future for sure,” he says.

In his first “real” job, he says he’s been exposed to “some pretty amazing technology”. But his favorite part of the job, Nate says, is the environment. “I like that I can get work done and be silly and have fun doing it.  And all of my co-workers are awesome.”

He successfully ran his first pairs of  fiber optic cable recently.  “I think the hardest part was making sure that I wasn’t too rough with the fiber while maneuvering around in the ceiling,” he laughs. “I may have been a little too delicate, but in my eyes I was holding a newborn baby and I didn’t want to break it. ”

Another big first is looming.  Next week is his dreaded first week of “pager duty” – being on call for  network emergencies.  He says that he is nervous, “but at least I won’t have to deal with Hurricane Sandy.”

Nate, we know you’ll do a great job even if Sandy’s twin rolls in.  Welcome to PSC!








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